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ET, based in China, is running a creative global self freight control platform. According to the scales of market, we separate the market into 3 areas, South China area, East China area and North China area. In the base port of each area, we have our operational group where we can provide a whole service chain of logistics, inspection — warehousing — customs clearance — transport — distribution etc.

Choice of ET is the Choice of

Quality team:
A task team will be grouped for each case. The team is consists of a customer service, an operator, a document controller and a QC who will perform their own functions and will work in cooperation.

Efficient operation:
A comprehensive online operation of both inner team and service providers outside the company ensured close communications, seamless connections, timely and transparent operation among all parties.

Low charges:
Operational fee would decrease annually for three years. E.g. USD50/Bill for the first year, USD40/Bill for the second year, USD30/Bill for the third year on.

Clear information:
On our website, clients can track the progress of the cargo transportation, all documents, all expenses and balance, and even comment your requirement and appreciation anywhere at any time.

ET, the first freight forwarder in China to provide standard operation service, with highly qualified employees, high efficiency system, and low cost, is your best partner in China.

Overseas Cooperation Department
James Liu  
Director / Chief Supervisor 
Phone:0086-20-61205538   0086-13533033443